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When entries are added to the website or modified, there is sometimes a question as to some aspect of the entry. Some such questions are relatively minor such as whether a date might be a day or so earlier (or later). An example of a larger question would be whether an individual is, in fact, related to another individual as shown. In between lie many other possible types of questions about the accuracy of the data.

The purpose of this page is to point out the major questions we are aware of in regard to the genealogical entries on this website. They are as follows:

Juliana (Julia) Wenner (b. 1754)
was the daughter of Jacob Wenner and the wife of Daniel Rupp. The problem is her mother is given as Anna Dorothea Rupp is some records and Juliana Rupp in others. There may be two Juliana Wenners during this time with a father, Jacob, and a spouse, Daniel Rupp, but that would be quite a coincidence.

Jacob Wenner (b. 1837) & Caroline Beck
We are quite certain a Jacob Wenner and the Caroline Beck shown had the children indicated. What is less certain is whether Caroline's Jacob is the one we have as her husband. There was another Jacob Wenner ("Winner" in the 1860 U.S. Census), the same age, in the area at the same time, and who actually lived with the Beck family when Caroline, 18, was still living at home. (This situation was pointed out by Debbie Wenner Frost  –  see Sources).

Hans Siegenthaler (b. 1660) (wife, Maria Gerber)
There is a question of who the parents of Hans were and when and where he was born. Several online sources have him as Hans (3 Aug 1666), the first son of Benedikt S. (1640) and Lucia Jakob (1643). However, since there was a second Hans (1673) in that family, the first Hans most probably did not live to maturity. Others had the Hans in question as this second Hans (1673). However, the latter is more often documented with a different wife and family. We believe the indicated parents of Hans the most likely, but that could also be wrong. (Note: subsequent recent resource has strengthened our belief in the parents of this Hans  –  i.e., Maria's husband  –  being as indicated.)

Christian Siegenthaler & Barbara Siegenthaler
There are two cases of married couples with these names. One, Christian (1726 - 1755) and Barbara (1734 - ), seems to be in order. The second case, Christian (1698 - 1782) and Barbara (ca. 1729 - 1801) raises some questions. Among them are 1) the seven year gap between the first child and the second child  –  does that first child, Barbara, come from a different family then that of the remaining four, and 2) is Barbara, the mother, the fourth daughter (born 1727) of Christian S. (1697) & Anna Räss (1697)?

Hans Siegenthaler (1595)
Most sources have Hans as the earliest known member of his branch. Only a few have Abrahan von Siegenthaler (1575) and Anna Schutzgeber as his parents. Thus, including them in that capacity on this website has to be considered questionable. Incidently, although Hans dropped the "von" from his surname, his presumed brother, Michael reportedly did not.

Ulrich Gerber (1767)
There are two Ulrich Gerbers, married to Siegenthalers, who have been treated differently and apparently confused one with the other by various sources. We have comfirmed from Schangnau records that Ulrich G. (1767 - 1853) was baptize there 17 May 1767 and also married there to Verena Siegenthaler (1765 - 1821). We also have Ulrich G. (1767) of Röthenbach, BE, Switzerland married to Margaretha Siegenthaler (1780 - 1845). But we are not at all sure that the date and birth place of the latter Ulrich are correct.

Ulrich Blaser & Elsbeth Siegenthaler
There is confusion between two couples: (i) Ulrich Blaser (b. 20 Jun 1772, Langnau), son of Peter Blaser and Anna Dreier, and Elsbeth Siegenthaler (b. 25 Mar 1770, Trub), daughter of Ulrich S. and Maria Jakob, and (ii) Ulrich Blaser (b. 29 Apr 1770, Langnau) and Elsbeth Siegenthaler (b. 20 Dec. 1767 Schangnau), daughter of Hans S. and Verena Egli. In particular, the children are not attributed by various sources consistently between the two couples. Also, in the case of the latter couple there may have been a second wife.

If you see other significant situations that seem questionable
and should be corrected or included in this listing, let us know.

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