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List of Sources

     Our search for our roots began around 1993 and has been off and on again since. It would be difficult to describe the extent of the effort expended on this search during that time as either highly rigorous or exhaustive (although at times it has indeed been exhausting).A Couple of Our Juicier Sources More to the point, documentation of sources for individual entries has not usually been recorded. (Documentation has in places, however, been more rigorous since receiving help from Gabi Caduff  –  see below.) Thus, although we know who contributed relevant information to our database, we cannot now in all cases identify the source of the data for a given individual.

     A particular note of thanks is due Tamara (Studer) Matti. In connection with the 2000 Siegenthaler family reunion in Switzerland, Tamara compiled the most comprehensive and extensive genealogy of the descendants of Hans (b. 1595) and Elsbeth (Schönholzer) Siegenthaler that we had seen to that time. We were able to assist her on the American descendants, which many of our cousins and siblings had previously helped us with. But Tamara has more than re-paid us with the wealth of information on the Swiss descendants, particularly those of Gottfried's (b. 1863) siblings.

     Of all our sources  –  besides the two pictured above  –  the following should be noted here:

  • "Thru the Years - The Siegenthaler and Perollaz Families" by Bertha Louise (Siegenthaler) Lindsey (This document got us started in our genealogy pursuits!)
  • "Stammbaum - Siegenthaler" compiled by Tamara (Studer) Matti
  • Jane (Wenner) Dinger, at an August 1995 gathering of daughter Sigrid, grandson Nicholas, nieces Janet, Nancy and Kathy, and nephews Frank and Dick.
  • Toni Siegenthaler, our second cousin once removed, born in Saanen, BE, Switzerland
  • Many of our cousins and siblings, particularly Nancy (Wenner) Witmer and Kathy (Wenner) Palmer
  • 50th anniversary (Gottfried and Susanna (Perrollez) Siegenthaler) newspaper article dated April 25, 1940 (from the Utica Observer Dispatch or Utica Daily Press)
  • Websites:
    • archive websites for the Bas Rhin (Lower Rhine), Alsace, births, marriages & deaths and censuses
    • the Mormon website, FamilySearch.org, including data from Walter Hirsbrunner
    • several online family trees on Ancestry.com  including Bell, Chapman, Kinosha, Wirick-Hendrick-Geiser, Gallagher, My Advancing Family Tree, Sheeks Family Tree, Siegenthaler/King/Koenig and Related Families, and Kelley/Rice/Reid/Elkins Families
    • GeneaNet.org including data of Lydia Audureau, Pierre Paul Wilhelm, François Briclot, Pascal Hérold, Werner Oberli, François Bercher, and Christian Polydore
    • RootsWeb including family trees of Mikayla Mineer, Klein-Hentshel-Inwood-Lucas, and Swiss Family
    • FultonHistory.com, which provides access to older New York State newspaper pages
    • MyHeritage.com
    • State Archives of Canton Bern (then go to Staatliche Sammlungen --> Kirchenbücher) This website is data-rich, containing copies of birth/baptism, marriage and death records for the various districts of the canton of Bern. (Note: see also the section on the Source Conversion Table on the This & That page.)
  • Churchbooks of Canton Bern, Switzerland, a set of three CDs copyrighted by the Staatsarchiv des Kantons Bern and Lewis Bunker Rohrbach and covering the Trub parish area.
  • Heinz Siegenthaler (Rüeggisberg, Bern, Switzerland), who, after visiting this site, provided us with another version of the Trub Siegenthaler coat-of-arms (click on visible coat of arms on home page) and offered additional information on the name, Siegenthaler (see This & That). Heinz also provided his lineage, which progresses from Hans (1595) through Hans' son, Ulrich, and on. (He turns out to be our eighth cousin once removed.)
  • Arturo Siegenthaler (Neuquén, Argentina), who provided his branch, which emanates from Christian Siegenthaler (b. 1628), a son of Hans (1595). He also submitted a version of the Siegenthaler coat-of-arms accessible via the home page. It was Arturo's great-great-grandmother, Anna Wüthrich (b. 1825), who immigrated with her children to Argentina.
  • Markus Siegenthaler (Biberist, Solothurn, Switzerland), who presented his Stammbaum to us in a very attractive format.   In discussing his pursuit of genealogy he includes the quotation: "Du lebst solange, wie der Letzte der sich an Dich erinnert." (You live as long as the last one who remembers you.)
  • Just Cuz!, a compilation by Barbara (Kinne) Wheeler of stories, reflections, and remembrances by her cousins about their families, parents and grandparents, Gottfried and Susanna Katharina Siegenthaler. (For the English-second-language reader, the title is a play on the word cuz, which is an apocopation (shortening) of both cousins and because. "Just because!" is the final reason offered by someone who is trying to explain or justify something and has run out of (or never had) good reasons.)
  • Gabi (Siegenthaler) Caduff (Ascona, Ticino, Switzerland) has been invaluable in a number of ways. She has provided significant information on many individuals from Schangnau and from Trub as well as answered several questions we have had on individuals in the database. She also introduced us to FultonHistory.com (see Websites above) and provided the Schangnau Siegenthaler coat-of-arms (click on visible coat of arms on home page). Most importantly, by example she has caused us to become much more attentive to the desirability of using original documents (or images thereof) as sources for our data.
  • Michael Heschung (Alsace-Lorraine, France) provided not only two additional early Wenner generations but also archival and census websites for Bas-Rhin, the more populous department of the Alsace region. (As a result of being "swapped" between France and Germany over the centuries, Alsace-Lorraine has been strongly influenced historically by German culture and was the home of Casper and Margaret Wenner before coming to America.) Interestingly, Michael learned of our interest in Alsace-Lorraine from a internet posting and wrote us despite not being related.
  • Debbie (Wenner) Frost has been instrumental in helping to fill out the Wenner tree, particularly those descending from Georg Peter Wenner (b. 1786). She is a granddaughter of Forrest Charles Wenner.
  • Others making contributions of note include the following: Martin Siegenthaler, Gustavo Strümple Dhont, John Siegenthaler (and daughter, Lili),  Barbara Lewis, Sarah Amador, Jerry Siegenthaler, James Bradley, Andrea Knagenhjelm (in Norway), Bob Heller, Linna Kinne Miller, and Shirley Karle. Our apologies to anybody we have overlooked.